Written by 4:59 pm Musings


If I sleep with my mouth open

Maybe the heavens will hear me.

Am talking to an unknown God while I warm my breast with my cold hands from standing too long under the rain.

God is real! Mama said endlessly but am still figuring our how one person could oversee the universe and in reverse still think about me.

Am wearing a facecap written Jordan on it

A guy looks at me wondering

I don’t care because am searching for God while am hitting this blunt i will find him someday but he is busy at the moment.

Too busy to see how rough i am too busy to see long have cried depression is fuckery its been hitting on me lately.

I will wait, i will wait for God till i blossom rich as silk fine as milk. I will look upon my bloods and scream Yahweh.

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