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Chasing Empty

For a little knowledge here and there I signed up for a class online, I got out because the class was a clique, everyone seem to know the other person except me. I am a loner, will always be.

Every of my contributions were swept under the rug, I asked myself if people even read my work? I left for good, can’t stay in such toxicity.

Next day he came to apologise, I admired his courage. Few weeks later he saw something I posted somewhere, coming back to vibe with me, I returned the gesture.

He talked about how he liked vodka and raw sex, we shared nudes and fuck each others imaginations. I looked forward to his messages, I particularly liked the way he talked, slow not to stutter. He was careful not to talk about himself. I gave mine away.

I did not like the way he read my messages and never replied, I was caught up in a moment. Next he is demanding a pussy picture, or he might get a seizure.

He left me in a desert to die, next he is back and apologising of how he hates disagreement and ruckus, next he wants us to be friends” I am obidi I introduced myself in a bid to start a new relationship” he skipped and said if I wanted my hands in his sweat pants.

My honest intentions was to know his story, maybe about his daddy, if I had a brother I would tell him about him. But am chasing empty, fighting what I cant see, an illusion, a mirage.

I don’t blame him, his use to nudes and religion, looks and intentions. Mine was pure and will always be.

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