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White Penis

I submitted my resume to a white guy at a furniture house, I was looking for a sales person place, I just left school and I needed the money.

He called me later the next day, I thought I had gotten the job, but all he said was” I like your ass and eyes” if only he knew it was padded!

I am Mohammed, nice to meet you, I am Lebanese and I want to fuck you! He said to me the next time we met, I laughed and thought he was funny.

His hair was overly curly and smooth to touch, his body hairs stood in awesomeness! I liked his tattoo, it was a quote in twos by Shakespeare “love all, trust none”.

He spoke English in a funny way, he tickled me and I know he loved to play. Suck my dick my lady, he offered, dirty fucking Lebanese I muttered.

If only yellow could speak, if only my time would beep, I bent my mouth to his little stiff dick, pale balls blink at me, I sucked and rubbed, with my hands I plugged, he moaned and muttered something I couldn’t hear.

I knew he liked it, he touched my thighs and said I like a black woman, touching my hair he kissed me deep, licked my ears and played with my breast.

I kept rubbing his stiffness, I choked and called him daddy, he came faster than I saw it! I made a white man cum, and he loved it so much he gave me 5 pieces of a thousand naira.

Do you like this penis he asked, I loved it I answered as I helped him put his penis back into his trousers.

Weeks later I met a guy online, he was not really big in size, he had knowledge of God, he showed passion about things that concerns Christ, he wanted to give people mandate, platforms to set their life on biblically, I was straying away religiously, I needed the boost! And I sign up for a class,two classes actually, a religious one and an erotic one…

…Chasing Empty

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