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I’m mushy like I’m in love💛

write ten things that makes you happy, said the therapist, I then realised I have never being truly happy.

I’m mushy like I’m in love, my pastor speaks in tongues

A boy on red screams and cry put down your leg!

I read my erotic books in church, my stomach bulge, I just reunited with a guy after two years—

let me pay your dowry.

You are in a hurry.

I want to be a nerd they fuck better.

My sister saw a video of my masturbation, she asked me why?

I haven’t had enough pleasure I answered— but I will leave that to the Egyptian.

Why do parents love a child more than another?

My mother answered she knows how to answer cos’ she loves one more than another.

My phone is getting worse, where can I get money for a new one?

My elder sister and I write in church, she writes about God and I, about sex.

A light-skinned baby looks at me, I wonder what goes through her mind, maybe she knows of my baby

My face is oily from looking at my feet for too long

I took a picture of my mother while she talked about children, a doctor will break your heart—

I paid for my meal and he paid for his, I have stopped drinking beer—

I’m sober

I can be boring without alcohol: A Christian changes to a Muslim, a Muslim changes to a Christian, what are we looking for? God, love, power or sex?

My mother insults me, foolish, stupid, evil girl you are. Nothing should control you

I knew they are talking about me before I came in, I moved my bible to see clearly.

Buy me a coke, I’m tired of the toxicity, the negativity. What happened to us?

Where did I go wrong?

City life is full of worries, I want to cry and wet my pillows and maybe die

My hands are getting weak from chores and staying too strong.

A therapist tells me to write ten things that make me happy

I realised then that I have never been truly happy—

Money, food, sex perhaps…

Observe a minute of silence for my friend, he died a month after his wedding—

I remembered my dad too, vague, six feet, fresh

Read a book and eat coconut, love builds, so does hate

My baby cousin showed me a shaky tooth

of truth, I rather not bother myself with a baby

Lets tangle, it takes two remember…

I will pass even if I want to. Why do we name the colour black?

What if it wants to be blue?

Don’t pay attention to that foolish girl!

My mother warns… It takes nothing to be truly happy, I meant well I swear

They are angry because they can’t buy me.

Everybody I asked for money disappointed me, do I have friends?

Before I fuck, you must appreciate me with some weighty cash.

Talk is cheap

I’m mushy like I’m in love, a green bird flew, care is natural

Divine protection a banner reads, how does one get protected?

God does not care, he let his son die once

Death is a reminder that we are living in mediocrity— you hate your neighbour, he is dead.

Who are you hating now? Me or the cat?

Wash your tongue or your mouth will smell, I thought about electricity, water and God: Money will make me happy, at least I can watch porn

I wonder what goes through Gods mind when he looks at me, if God was human, I will fuck him, perhaps be his mistress

don’t you miss me Obidi?

Don’t be mushy, love never comes from that, loves never comes from anything!

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