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No tithle.

Receipt and agony

Give me sugar, sex and balconies

I need filters of war and a car wash

Red oil is sweet when you use it

A hair cut is bad when you let it

You bought a cat and named it tasty

She nibbled your breast and you felt it

Masturbate before the cat

Let her watch the path of righteousness

Eat pancakes and bask in holiness

I wore a black pant for a threesome

Shake a hand and hold a random

Within you is a depth of sorrow, a little of who you are not

When you are happy, don’t try not to make noise because the road is heavy.

A glass broke beneath you and cried, you are angry because you lied of seeing Gods face and ghost

For seeing a bad name on a boat

A guy tells me that I am dumb, I’m angry because im not

I am riding you but you are looking away

Scissors cut a razor

It is hard to tell who is strong this days

Love is difficult, you have to try or die

Babies are cheap to make

Three black condoms for tree rounds

Peter is in agony

Give me some sugar

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