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Smoke a Blunt

You should learn to live your everyday as if you don’t have enemies, but be aware everyday that you are constantly living with and around your enemies even though you don’t know who they are.

It’s pathetic in a way that is sad that people you hold in high esteem will kill you faster, my office has confirmed this analogy, people will snitch and shake your hand, some will pat your back and tell you your smile is beautiful, they are the snitch.

As a person, I hate to wait, more reason I never really seem to like my English name. I hate to stand and wait at the ATM, in the market for my mom or when the woman cutting my vegetables is slow, I hate to wait for my dinner or lunch date, I hate to wait for people who tell me to come at a particular time and not show up, I hate to wait for the pastor to finish praying, for the bus to finish loading, Damn! For my phone to be fully charged, for food or a man, I hate to wait for God to answer my prayers, seems he takes a lot of time, I hate to wait for a man to cum when we have bad sex!

I rather just smoke a blunt and get high.

See, people want to use you, the devil wants you, that’s why he tempts you, he tells you it’s alright to hit a woman, to beat an animal, to cheat on people, to leave home and never come back, to be mean and act rude, to kill, to love your own and leave.

In all of this, I want to smoke a blunt and get high.

It’s useless to fuck a person twice, except you are in love, sex is like wine, from the first taste, you know a good one. I don’t fuck my business partners, when I met him, we talked about normal life stuff, but there was something about the way he acted, weird and smooth.

We met and lit a Blunt, smoked and spanked my butt, he told me I was nasty, and naughty and that he liked the way I chocked on his dick, I left and came back three days later, he didn’t make me cum so he promised he would the next time.

I met him making spaghetti and eggs, no shirts, his sweaty body glowed, he looked like stars in a night sky, I hugged him and waited, give a girl good food and she will fuck you.

He came in with ice and I knew the set time is near, he kissed me and left, my pussy was wet and I hate to wait!

I smoked a blunt and got high.

He used the ice on my neck, and my nipples and my stomach then my pussy, he told me I was juicy and he liked juicy, when he fucked me, he looked straight into my eyes and made sure I looked back, he took me from behind and let me grind, he took me from the side and let me look at him, he spanked me and he moan too, when a man moans, well…

He smoked too and gave me wine, brought food and took photos of my naked self, he said art was a woman’s body, and that he liked my body, we fucked four times, he has energy too, my pussy was sore and farted, but he was a beast one moment and took my hands and chained me and fucked me hard and recorded it on his phone, he blind folded me and thrusted deeper, he took my hands and placed them on the bed in such a way that I couldn’t reach out to him to give him pleasure, he licked my pussy with ice and blowed me sweet air, he called my butt little cute thing, he took my legs and placed them between his neck and fucked me till I cried out of orgasm, why are you crying baby? He asked as he fucked me some more.

we bathed and talked, I don’t want a baby he said, I laughed and took a blunt and lit it.

I got a query from office again, I then realized that a lot of people don’t like that you are you, they want you to be like them, pathetic and looking for approval, they hate that you are exposed and living your best life, they hate that you have vast knowledge on some certain issues, so they hate you and what you stand for.

It’s funny still that people have some type of entitlement to other people’s life, why wash and do laundries for people? You are a fine writer, you shouldn’t do dishes obidi! Funny, I make money so why not?

I just hate to be broke, this days, people don’t want to pay for sex, so how else do you want me to make money? I tried to sell my nudes and videos, some erotic piece I wrote, but it didn’t give me good money, I want to afford an expensive lifestyle, small but yet expensive, I just want to smoke a blunt and get high in my little expensive home.

When I got home, I told him I don’t fuck a nigga twice, he told me he liked the sex and he was grateful.

I’m thinking of a fine wine to sip again, the last was some typa good wine, so I’m here hitting a blunt and getting high.

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