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Family is trash and a bottle of water.

When she opened her legs, I knew it was happening, her breast was like hot chocolates drank in a rush, one that you hope doesn’t finish- she was smooth, smoother than most girls I have met, she said she wanted more and I was ready. I crave Lagos, like vagina or vodka, a way that should be explorative, one that should satisfy me, I want to walk by the beach with my hand in my hair, pulling through every stride, I  crave Lagos like the local jollof rice my grandma use to make, she uses local Maggi and lots of onions and dry fish, the palm oil had a different aroma, my grandma was a genius in the kitchen, why do people get old?

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When met my cousin first on Twitter, he just wanted to fuck, he had seen my tweets and thought I was a sex-starved young lady who he could please with a smokelike date, I was however convinced about meeting him. People fuck their cousins, in fact, I remember a cousin of mine who pressured me for sex, it was intense I had to leave the house on the third day, we lost grandma and everyone travelled for the burial except us, meanwhile Irene is still my ride or die but just last week, she told me of how much I have changed, of how much I didn’t give two fucks. She was disappointed, I saw it in her eyes.


This community was breathtaking, an upscale bar where you can meet people who are like you, he has a bar where you can get high cheaply without fear of the police, there were so many trees and birds and flowers… and there was a river that wasn’t too clean because all the drainages around that location run into it, I like that it’s a beautiful ugly, that it still manages to sustain life- it was  like a forest in that community, I was so proud of this new man- a man who owns a place like this is likely to solve my problems.

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