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Lack of Naming Skills

The clothes she’d taken had no underwear with them But she didn’t give a flying fuck right now -none of that mattered anymore


The water was freezing as cold breeze flapped her stolen dress about, she would have held it down so that it does not fly upwards and reveal that she has no underwear. Its funny though, how a girl from the streets had manners enough to care about underwear, Laughable. There were more important things than that She’d smiled Laughed without looking and tumbled towards the other side 

You had to get home quickly, your mum would be waiting to beg you to the family dinner that had long been planned, She knew she had to come in person because you don’t listen to anyone else. She knew she was your greatest weakness, That is why she came to beg on behalf of for your father; Ever since he threw you out, you’d never bothered to see his face again “Worthless” was all he’d been shouting that day, He said many other different things but that one came first to your mind- You’d show him So you left, you didn’t beg.

Your mother cried. You were about to press your foot harder on the accelerator as the car in front of yours made way for you to overtake when you noticed the crowd at the side, They stood watching as a girl stood up on the railing of the bridge, ready to plunge into the deep water below. They all had their phones out, videoing. No one made a move towards her

Bloody America; teaching us shit!

“God! Go na!” The lady had exclaimed when she refused to walk out of the shop “Madam please, wetin I do wrong? I go correct myself” she’d pleaded, tears spilling down her cheek This was the third job she’d been sent away from this month, a better record than the rest through this year “Aunty, I said I no want again. You dey force me?” At this point, the lady wasn’t even looking her way anymore, she was walking around the coolers trying to serve an impatient customer “Madam just half the money, no need to give me full, just half. Please ma” there was mucus running down her nose now and a customer who was already eating was looking at her funny “Ehm where is that boy. Emeka!! Come carry this girl commot from here” The lady looked passed her and smiled to her waiting customer while handing him food She was unexpectedly grabbed by arm immediately under her small developing breasts It was Emeka. The carried her off the ground despite her resistance and walk a bit off from the shop He dropped her but didn’t let go of her. He immediately began to grind his groin on her buttocks, laughing irritatedly in her ear and grabbing at her breasts 

It was broad daylight, everyone passing saw, but no one cared “I bin tell you make you be my girl but you no hear. This nonsense no for happen” he snarled then let her go and walked away, but not before giving her a quick tap on the ass She stood mesmerized for a second before falling to a heap on the dirt grown along with her tears 

“You know your father is always angry and he just likes this a certain way. Having a son that doesn’t compromise takes a huge toll on him” your mother had said the year you’d been thrown out She got you accommodation in a house she never told you how house she came about it It wasn’t too surprising, your father’s reaction to what you had to tell him but it still felt like a dream “I don’t care, mum. He sent me packing and that’s all that matters” you’d sighed and scratched your brow. You didn’t want to be having that conversation “He will change his mind, give him time” she murmured He did change his mind seven years later when you wrote a book that is selling homes and abroad Sure you aren’t Chinua Achebe or even Chimamanda Adichie But people know you, and they know your book too A movie is about to be acted based on the story you are a huge success So obviously you are invited to the dinner You aren’t so worthless anymore 

“Hey hey” you approach her and she looks at you, surprised that you are talking to her, further confirming your conviction that these people are more interested in videoing shit “Hi I’m Dayo,” you say. You don’t know why you began by telling her your name but you just know you needed to calm her down first Her brows scrunch in confusion. She doesn’t understand why he is telling her his name either. She ignores him and looks back at the ocean beneath her that is about to greet her body “Ok that didn’t come outright. I don’t even know what I’m doing right now” you finally confess and she chuckles a bit “That’s not surprising” she speaks softly, still admiring the water You look at her with a new light. You’re surprised that she speaks good English. Her appearance shows none of that As if reading his mind, she says “I used to go to school but I don’t anymore. My madam died” she smiles a bit at him before looking up at the sky The sun isn’t so bright today Maybe it knows what she is about to do “Where are your parents?” You ask her “I don’t know them. Dumped me before I could take a breath” she replies ‘Ok this is going smoothly’ you think and step closer to her “They are a pain, trust me I know. I don’t like mine either” you are so close to her and you reach out, ready to pull her off the rail without her knowledge 

She smiled Laughed without looking and tumbled towards the other side before she was ready

Onyinye Kalu.

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