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If I sleep with my mouth open

Maybe the heavens will hear me

I’m talking to an unknown God

while I warm my breast with my cold hands

I have been standing too long under the rain.

God is real mother said

See the rain and the shades

People who date and marry

Love and carry burdens of despair

It’s all God, mother laughed in refers.

I’m wearing a face cap

It has Jordan written on it

A guy looks at me and gaps

Probably wondering why I didn’t comb my hair

Or make an affair with the bus driver.

I hit a blunt and wonder intensely

Who is God?

Because everyone I ask seems to be busy with life

Who is God?

I Hug the cold bathroom wall and pretend to sleep

I come from Agojeju Odo

It’s not even my village but we came to find security

We left Egumale in a hurry, I don’t know tranquillity

But obscurity is why I will sleep with my mouths open

Hoping the heavens hear me.


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