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Things I learnt from telling Nigerians to save their own money on Twitter.

It is painful that intellectuals who know that the COVID virus is spread largely by going out and contacts can support the ridiculous notion that people should go out for food.

Panic buying occurs when consumers buy unusually large amounts of a product in anticipation of, or after, a disaster or perceived disaster, or in anticipation of a large price increase or shortage.

Yesterday, I told Nigerians to stay home and stay safe, because the fight is more collective than it is personal, and that hunger is in no way an excuse as it is avoidable like the virus but not as deadly.

Nigerians did all they could yesterday and these are my takers from the whole saga.

  1. Nigerians will always romanticize poverty, this is not empathy mind you, it is to downgrade another person wealth if at all the person has any. Those who defended the poor Nigerians also had two days to shop and bless the neighbour who they vehemently defended and they didn’t. They love to state the problem here and look at it till it goes away- No solution, no help, no nothing- just stare at it and keep talking about it.
  2. If you are a woman, they will tell you to shut up first, no point arguing with these guys they will chip. But men can insult women? And nobody says to keep quiet?
  3. A man will call you a prostitute to demean you, even women alike. More enlightenment needs to be placed on the profession that prostitution is not less a hustle than any other profession, seeing that anyone can sell their body at any time if they so wish to.
  4. If you are a feminist, people will think you are a prostitute first then a lesbian next.
  5. It is painful that intellectuals who know that the COVID virus is spread largely by going out and contacts can support the ridiculous notion that people should go out for food. Who is observing the lockdown then? If you are indoors it means you are privileged as well and is in support of a poor person going out to get COVID and food. The driver you defend who feeds from hand to mouth daily is on lockdown as everyone else, why is he going out then to hustle for daily income? Everyone is on lockdown who is he hustling on? You can see that you are looking foolish.
  6. People will screenshot your post when you are at your lowest, to use it against you when you say your opinion on a matter that may not necessarily concern what is on the screenshotted post
  7. Nigerians don’t know what is panic shopping.
  8. More people do not own their opinion than you think.
  9. Nigerians actually think roasting someone is cool and should be a serious thing.
  10. Wealth is a competition on twitter and people won’t waste time in showing how much they have, uploading pictures of their achievement as prove, men and basic ego, I wish I can drop an emoji instead of LOL.
  11. People screenshot other people’s post and if honestly, they think it is for downgrading another person, then it is funny cos’ no publicity is bad publicity.
  12. Twitter influencers are as empty as a drum, their greatest strength lies in a screenshot and stealing each others content. Why do brands pay them? If the brands aren’t as empty as the influencers they use, then we have so many dumb people in the business.
  13. Feminism needs to do more honestly.
  14. Misogyny is stronger than I thought as women are largely as misogynistic as men.
  15. Most Twitter feminist are patriarchal angels with no real knowledge of the topic, waiting patiently to suckle on the balls of the most wanting patriarchal male ambassador.
  16. The parable about the 10 Virgins in the bible is a Nigerian story cos half of the people will fail to prepare and defend themselves for not preparing. Expect things like government, lack of a job, death of a family member as a reason for this.
  17. We had two days to panic buy. Which means borrow from your friends, ask your pastor, ask your Imam, your government, anything to stay safe in your house but intellectuals think defending a poor man who does not have saving is wise, like not having saved, even little is wise.
  18. Nigerians do not have to save. And intentionally, they encourage others not to, by blaming the government, lack of jobs or too many children as a reason why a person should live from hand to mouth.
  19. See number one.
  20. People think they have the power to repress other people with their tongue, forgetting every one has a tongue and can cast demons.
  21. Men will see your sexuality first.
  22. Watch out for the TL friends that throw lame advice, they never were a TL friend.
  23. Appreciate the people that are loyal, people that don’t see the roast, people that dm to say they got you, people who defend you in comment sections, people who interpret your tweet as you mean it, are better friends than number 21.
  24. Ashawo is another word for prostitution and men can call you multiple times to show their hate for you while needing you in the process.
  25. Nigerian women need feminism more.
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