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The Art of the Art.

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It would be nice for parents to allow their children to try things out before it becomes too late. Despite the Nigerian ', My child will be...

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If I sleep with my mouth open Maybe the heavens will hear me I’m talking to an unknown God while I warm my breast with my cold hands I...

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Lack of Naming Skills

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The clothes she'd taken had no underwear with them But she didn't give a flying fuck right now -none of that mattered anymore...

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Family is trash and a bottle of water.

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When she opened her legs, I knew it was happening, her breast was like hot chocolates drank in a rush, one that you hope doesn't finish-...

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Cream pour out of my body in cums, sleeping to a cat and a book. She played with my vaginas with her toes, giggling. I liked how she...

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Essays, musings

I forgive you, I forgive you for everything that I went through, the pains of labor is nothing compared to how you made me feel the very...

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I am blue, I am you, forget the baby and leave the woman to herself- what is a pain? She asked, do you mean war or hate? The first pain I...

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I want to be human or whatever.

Musings • 2 Comments

I used to proud of my breast, now I hate it. I hate a lot of things; let me live through. I’m too young for what I am facing, I will take...

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we all are butterflies...

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I met a guy I liked, lets kiss I asked, I have being made church president he bragged. Too many religion down my path. I want to be a...

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