I’m wet. That is why am hiding in shame. Lick me till I’m dry, and clean up my obvious stain. I’m in darkness! I hate the candle lights you are bringing, it won’t solve the weakness that I have hidden too long to become a strength.

I am starving for worship! I want to be worshipped. I am crying because I love you but you love another, you don’t seem to bother about the attention I throw at you, instead you prefer someone else’s cruel treatment and the lies they feed you.

I’m ashamed, maybe I should go home. But I will stay and face my tears. The reality is that I prefer dark to light. The one that causes me to lose my might when I sight you from a distance.

I am done planning my life, I will rule Egypt from my prison cell, I will work for my tattoo and whisper your name. I will touch my cheekbones for memories of pleasure.

You will remember me perhaps you will want me, but I will be long dead and buried in a wooden casket.

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