You and Me

If your face is the brilliant sun

and I am the earth rotating around it, 

Would you still want me?

And If your heart was a ball of volcanoes

and I was an orange tornado,

would you still want me in the way 

that I want you 

when I am just the rain falling on you,

too cold, 

you become frozen, 

so you are like me,

a magma, 

you became 

so I overwhelm you with charms 

or I try to

but you are your own person

and I am my own person 

each in a cycle of pain or pleasure 

but we don’t know so we kiss, 

like a cat we had our minds 

and like a bag, we had our hands 

and together we form a fusion

of elements,

unpredictable and beautiful

our hearts beating as one

in a dance of love and passion.

So let us embrace,

and let the world see

that our love is meant to be

and nothing can stop us now

as we twirl and spin around

in a celestial waltz

of you and me.

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