Death Poems

The pain that I feltWhen I wrote this poemIs what you need to experienceTo write this type of poem I sit under a bridge in Nigeria,Understanding whyI left Estonia to comeBe with my motherWe fought. I fought Her ideologies sinkInto me like sharp nailsDig into my little backAnd spilled blood on the floor I mop… Continue reading Death Poems

You and Me

If your face is the brilliant sun and I am the earth rotating around it,  Would you still want me? And If your heart was a ball of volcanoes and I was an orange tornado, would you still want me in the way  that I want you  when I am just the rain falling on… Continue reading You and Me


They did not know, and they did not care to know.

Books on books and they didn’t see the need to grow

or feed their souls from starvation


Am starving for worship! I want to be worshipped. I am crying because I love you but you love another, you don’t seem to bother about the attention I throw at you, instead you prefer someone else’s cruel treatment and lies they feed you.