Don’t confuse me with a baby or a seizure

I met Peter’s dad at 4 pm, and slept with him till God knows when; sex is an art that he will never learn

Do you still cry when you have sex?

What a penis he had, Too big and too useless—he came before I knew it

A repeat of the last time won’t be a bad idea— hahaha hahaha babe of life

Drive an uber, get some rest

I ended up fucking the man I wanted for my mother!

One of the best I thought

Let’s have a threesome, you and your girlfriend and me. I like to see girls fuck

Basins and maize, children and taste; people amaze me with how they laugh

Two slices of bread is all I ask

Blue is better for a dead man

Let me check the market

Eat maize and flood in wetness

Wells of cum—

A handful of orgasm

where do birds go at night?

Why do you sleep with your hands on your thighs?

Do you have weed? a room and some cash? None of the above.

A tall man swore, he is angry at God— one that leaves you empty, sore and dry.

I know that anger too

White earpiece for the lonely

Funerals for the heavy

Oil is bravery, glide into me perfectly

Tell me ten ways to have a baby or anal

Today is Friday I need a brush, foundation and a blush

Red lipsticks and fonts

I wish I was sexier

I’m jealous of my elder sister

Seventy thousand for the shop, how do you pronounce soursop?

Shower-shop or sa-wa-sop?

What about lingerie or squirting?

We ate red pepper and jollof rice together, and he told me about some service banter.

I work with the government now, and there is no God. He kissed me in the back seat of a cab

I know you will find your way

Hadassah is going to Turkey on Monday to strip or school,

I’m jealous I said—

she’s living her life on a fast lane

I just want a damn job and a visa, some stick sweet and blisters

Go to hell he whispered— make room for me, I want her

Tomorrow is too far!

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