12 am and Biscuits

I crave biscuits at 12 am

A new day so I wore my fallen bonnet 

I pushed my tampon deeper while heavy blood came down as I drank water

A reminder that I am a woman

The vigilante came at 12 am

My blood swayed and hit

I sneezed and more blood came out

I hear myself say to myself you are doomed- you are a woman

Dogs will bark and I will eat from a yellow bag.

Consistency is the key to everything, even glowing skin

I bath my hair with water to retain moisture

Afro hair is a struggle, it’s our curse

Men make you pissed every day, 

but you have to be there for the next girl who can’t process anything

Wisdom is patience, waiting too long is stupidity

A man wears a pad to mimic a woman’s struggles on Twitter

He does not know the pain of the guitar and the guitar player

Biscuits taste better when it’s mixed with tears and social media

A lady cries for her mother, family and business

The guitarist knows the pain after every play

Let me live through this day I prayed-

 I’m exhausted, she said.

Pain is pain and you better get used to it

The guitarist checks his hands after each play.

His audience is entertained so he doesn’t care

About pain or bruises- Family or losses,

For the joy of the play is better than anything. 

A woman is assaulted every day in Nigeria, in an Uber or a Taxify

Buy pepper spray, and use it in case they signify that they are misogynistic or rapists.

Don’t be terrified, spray it in their face don’t miss it

A Nigerian woman is doomed eternally, the men here behave abnormally

They only try to block the fight for my human rights.

You talk so much about feminism they say

Men are raped too, not only women 

so check the algorithm! 

They scream 

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