Sweet girl

It is not the end of the world obidi, the administrative staff told me as she handed me my sack letter, I want to know why I am being sacked. The reasons are in the letter, I quickly opened the letter and checked, and the only reason I saw was that I couldn’t meet up with the mission and vision of the company, I do not know what the visions or missions of the company are, but I asked again why I was being sacked? And she told me it’s not the end of the world and she wishes me a better life ahead of the company.

Honestly, I can’t believe my job was terminated in barely one month, I can’t pinpoint my fault, I just spent one month! What will I have possibly done?

The spirit of the earth speaks to us but we don’t listen, the first time I started the job, from the test to the interview, I detested the organizational sense and lack of administrative qualities, I wanted the money so why not? I started working and then I realized I was working with girls, by girls I mean people who gossip, pretend like they like each other, and stab each other’s back, they ate together and hated each other, the love was fake, it was glaring, but I was to pay my bills and not make fake friends, and so I looked past their lifestyle. They may be angry with me for many reasons, I didn’t behave like them, and I didn’t care about clothes and wigs and makeup they had to impress our woman boss who was swimming in the luxury of illegal earnings. I didn’t care about shoes and soap operas and flights and movies and luxury foods and boys. They are angry because I’m twenty-two and they knew my future of bright, I know my future is bright. They are pissed off because I speak fluent English and help with internet issues sometimes, they are angry because I know some basic office tools and they didn’t, I learnt it, I wasn’t born with it.

You should know people don’t like you.

I left the office and came home, told my mum and she was pissed at the company, it looked like a conspiracy, the signature was forged she said, everything about what we do is a forgery! I replied to my mom.

I didn’t feel pained, but at night I couldn’t sleep, I thought about why people are mean and angry at another person, if your IQ is lower than someone’s, get close and learn, but people will rather hate.

I dreamt of some of my colleagues, the bad ones and the good ones, some called me to know exactly what happened, I remember last Tuesday when I called in sick, I didn’t get the how is your body greeting the next day, then I immediately confirmed within my soul that the organization is toxic, on my birthday, they sang like they were forced, it’s not my fault my birthday fell at that time! I hadn’t spent up to two weeks and I got a cake, people were angry about that too, crazy!

I woke up at five and couldn’t go back to bed, I scrolled Facebook and saw a guy who gave me my first valentines date earlier this year, he was getting married, they looked happy together, he was smiling and she was blushing for the pre-wedding photos they took together, I remembered when I gave him a blow job and he came in my mouth, or how he rubbed his dick on my pussy and made me sore because he didn’t want to penetrate, we fucked anyway, he came to my house a couple of times, at that time we were fixing the roofs, we talked about ourselves, and how dirty we all truly are, he stopped talking to me, guess he was ready to wife himself up.

I’m not ready!

Should I smoke?

Or fuck?

Or what?

I’m back to the place I thought I had left a long time ago.

I’m back to the vomits I detested, I got hired and fired in a month and six days, I got beaten by the rain and rode on a pickup truck home because it was late into the night and there was no cab, all for my beloved company.

I’m such a sweet girl, but people aren’t patient enough to find out.

So I’m back to the streets again to see if I can fall back in line.

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