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Family is trash and a bottle of water.

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When she opened her legs, I knew it was happening, her breast was like hot chocolates drank in a rush, one that you hope doesn't finish-...

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Cream pour out of my body in cums, sleeping to a cat and a book. She played with my vaginas with her toes, giggling. I liked how she...

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I forgive you, I forgive you for everything that I went through, the pains of labor is nothing compared to how you made me feel the very...

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I am blue, I am you, forget the baby and leave the woman to herself- what is a pain? She asked, do you mean war or hate? The first pain I...

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A lady stopped talking to me cos' she thought I was bi-curious, I actually am, but I have never gone that far to suck a girl, the most I...

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Am starving of worship! I want to be worshipped. I am crying because I love you but you love another, you don't seem to bother about the...

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Its in sex we know God is real, its is never in the first skin we peel....

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Chasing Empty

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For a little knowledge here and there I signed up for a class online, I got out because the class was a clique, everyone seem to know the...

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White Penis

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I submitted my resume to a white guy at a furniture house, I was looking for a sales person place, I just left school and I needed the...

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Yesterday I wrote a poem For a girl with dim eyes And nice lips For a girl with a fine face and small hips...

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