She travelled to an unknown place to unfold the mystery of the breeze, she saw a revel caught up in a trap and set it free.

What is life without freedom? I had a baby who once gave me seizures.

Rains should be constant, colours should be black, I should be white, the world is dusty, brown and dry, there is no free food in my heart.

Love is costly.

I met a guy I liked, let’s kiss I asked, I have been made church president he bragged. Too many religions down my path. I want to be a butterfly, I just want to perch and fly.

White socks, brown shoes, service is vain, unknown town, different tongues, I am dancing to a strange tune, give me water or a baby.

Men should be without penis, God should keep me amidst wars and trouble, buzz and money.

Green is a colour for war, food or joy. I’m hanging a tag on my neck, it seems like a prison, a man talked loudly about blogging, telling them how rich they could be, people are deceived daily.

Humans should sleep, Dogs can watch, leaves will wither, nail paints will wash off, but the sky will ever be blue on the other side.

I met a gay girl, she stays outside, I asked for a picture, she never replied, too many untrusted gays that can never decide.

Yours with a quill! I want to meet the guy behind it and fuck him.

Book clubs and feminism, bad roads and criticism.

Sleeping men, talking babies, I want to learn the act of sex, even if it hurts, I want a girl even if its not right, I want a baby even if I killed mine.

Death is nearby, life is closer.

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