I don’t like to see myself as weak! I don’t care if a person says I’m impulsive or arrogant or stupid or rude, I will not conceal my true self for appraisals or accolades or whatever. I make plans every day and change them all the next day.

I hate being in a place for long, my body has a way of telling whether I will like a place or not.

A lady stopped talking to me cos’ she thought I was bi-curious, I actually am, but I have never had sex with a girl, the most I have done is a kiss, not even a woman’s nipple I beheld.

When I first took my first weed, I thought I would spill out pieces of stuff about me, like the assault, but I didn’t.

The second trial was awesome, I danced and sweated, and I had this extra energy and weightlessness, and I felt it for days.

I have never enjoyed sex and I have had it 29 times with 11 different people. I don’t even know what I like, maybe touching myself.

I liked cigarettes a lot but now I just skunk a lot and drink socially.

My mother is always afraid she will lose me to the world, what she doesn’t know is that she has lost me.

My body amuses me, I wish I was thicker and more beautiful, life would have been easier to navigate, but I’m petite, small butt, and my boobs are, well. My hair is short, refusing to grow and badly scrapped edges.

I’m not a good cook, I only cook what I can eat.

Breaking out from my region is hard, too hard a thing.

I wish I had a daddy figure, again, I don’t wish I have.

Sometimes I imagine my family was richer. We have breath and health, my mom says that’s wealth enough.

If I look too hard at my mom, I see myself in her, but she says I’m more of my dad than I am of her.

Last week I was bitten by a tsetse fly got the first time, but I did not get the sleeping sickness.

I hate bright colours.

I don’t think makeup is a thing.

I choose my books the same way I choose my pornography videos, takes me time.

I don’t wear white as a habit.

I want to get a tattoo of my dad on my arm.

I hate religion, it’s another name for politics.

I hate my English name.

Finally, I hope no there is heaven or hell.

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